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Welcome to the homepage of the practice for  
energetic and shamanic healing.

Dates by appointment only.
Home visits are possible.


Anna Bödeker
Steinstr. 13
51143 Köln


Phone: +49 163 905 64 24


Practice for Energetic and Shamanic Healing

Energetic and shamanic healing offers an alternative to persons seeking help. It is not intended to compete with orthodox medical schools or other holistic approaches. It aims to promote healing in a holistic sense, to stimulate self-healing powers, as well as to encourage and support people in taking responsibility for their own lives. Our approach to healing may complement other therapies or be applied independently.


Energetic healing

Our healing method is derived from that of some North American peoples, whereby humans, animals and also plants are viewed as living and cooperating in network-like close ties. We for the most part work with energies that in their original form originate from the Earth's interior, and occur in many forms in animals and plants. Negative energy fields in the body can be localized by hand, as also is the case with inflammatory foci, irritated or overly tensed parts of musculature, tendons and the skeleton, as well as damaged nerve tracts. With the energy beam the hand sends out, negative energy fields can be "flushed out", which helps to decontaminate and cleanse one‛s system.

Energetic and shamanic healing is essentially based on the modulation of moderate to strong energy flows, which are directed by the hand and the mind. The healer you booked therefore needs, after a preliminary discussion, a cleansing ritual before and after the actual treatment.

In this context, we point out that we do not do any work on the body, no massages, and do not prescribe medication. If you would like a treatment based on the principles of natural medicine, please contact a naturopathic doctor or alternative practitioner. We strongly recommend that clients suffering psychological problems seek psychoanalytic or psychological treatment.


Also we are experienced in treating animals and plants.